Solid Fuel Hexamine Tablets


Odourless, non-poisonous and easy to ignite – the Solid Hexamine Fuel Tablets from Huss can be used for camping, military and emergency use.

One of these tablets will burn for 12 minutes and can be used as a fuel starter or in a solid fuel stove. You can burn multiple tablets at once to increase heat, decrease the cooking time and reduce the effects of the wind. They’re also safe, clean and smokeless for your peace of mind.

Pack the Solid Fuel Tablets from Huss to use with your solid fuel stove, or as a fuel starter when you’re out in the field.

Easy to ignite
Odourless and non-poisonous
Can use multiple tablets to increase efficiency
For use in a solid fuel stove or as a fuel starter
No smoke or odour, safe clean burning fuel
1 x 20g fuel tablet burns for 12 minutes
8 x square solid fuel hexamine tablets included

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